December 4, 2022

What will come after Elon Musk for Twitter?

The Elon Musk for Twitter controversy months are over, and Elon Musk now announces that his $44 billion (£38 billion) deal to acquire Twitter is final.

There has yet to be an official confirmation, and Twitter HQ has been entirely silent about it.

However, no one may be available to deliver that communication given that Mr. Musk is rumored to have already fired the company’s chairman Bret Taylor, CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, and legal and policy leader Vijaya Gadde.

‘A digital town square’

Mr. Musk self-addressed potential advertisers in AN uncharacteristically humble message denote on the location on weekdays. In it, he spoke of shopping for Twitter as a result of he needed to “try to assist humanity”, and aforesaid he needed “civilization to own a digital city square”. He additionally accepted that his mission might fail.

The fact that he wrote specifically to people who advertise on Twitter suggests he intends for currently a minimum of to stay with its digital advertising business model. that’s despite this revenue commencing to fall for giants like Google-owner Alphabet and Facebook-owner Meta because the world economic lag bites and companies notice themselves with less money to splash on promoting.

In the past, he has spoken bombastically regarding eagerness to lighten moderation, so a lot of voices are detected a lot of freely (Twitter has long been a defendant of favoring left-leaning, liberal messages, which it denies).

Might he attempt to bring back a number of a lot of debatable tweeters, prohibited beneath the previous administration – former North American national president Donald Trump (who has antecedently aforesaid he had no want to return), or a lot of recently, his friend Kanye West?

I am not therefore certain. mister Musk currently offers a lot of curtailed vision, and speech communication that the platform should stay “welcoming”, should abide by national laws, and should not become “a scrap hellscape”.


Super app suggestions and spam

Mr. Musk has raged against the number of spam and larva accounts he believes litter the positioning – Twitter has continuously controversial his claims that its official figure is way too low. He may order a mass cull, though that might most likely have an effect on everybody’s all-important follower numbers, that may be AN less-traveled 1st move.

Perhaps his most intriguing hint up to now regarding his new company is the beginning of “X, the everything app”. He has ne’er detailed it however several have urged that he’s concerning the creation of a sort of “super app” on the lines of China’s WeChat – a one-stop-shop for social media, messaging, finance, and food orders – during a shell, way of life admin.

The West doesn’t nevertheless have such a factor, though one may argue that Meta’s WhatsApp and even Facebook courier square measure quietly morphing into services with multiple functions.

Mr. Musk has not disguised his love of cryptocurrency and Binance, the world’s largest crypto-exchange, could be a proud capitalist in his vision (according to the promulgation I received simply when 05:00 BST).

Could we tend to see a Twitter set-up for businesses to just accept payments – in crypto? that may be successful with crypto fans and horror for people who warn that crypto remains a risky alternative, unregulated and thus unprotected if something goes wrong.

What we tend to do to comprehend man Musk is that he’s visionary, volatile, ambitious, and artistic. can|we area unit able to} guarantee the modifications can begin rolling in – and already some Twitter fans are voice communicating the change of leadership will drive them away.

“We wished for flying cars, instead we tend to get a hundred and forty characters,” same the capitalist Peter Thiel of the technical school trade, long before the acculturation of “expectations vs reality” became a factor. With man Musk, we tend to might get each.

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