Olivia Dunn posts engaging post on TikTok to promote the use of AI for homework

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Olivia Dunn posts engaging post on TikTok

Olivia Dunn posts engaging post on TikTok: There is stupidity, and then there is ignorance. A lot of the time they may overlap, but that’s what LSU gymnast and influencer Olivia Dunn does when promoting Cactus AI as a homework tool was flat-out Idiot. Even if this is a new technology, and not officially banned, anyone with a bit of common sense knows that AI doing your homework raises massive ethical red flags.

Although, to be fair, there is no evidence that Dunne used the Cactus AI for the essay. He just posted a TikTok captioned “Need to let my creativity flow for my essay at midnight” and described Cactus AI as “>” compared to ChatGPT.

As a writer (blogger?), I find this personally offensive because AI is threatening the future of my job/industry, and asking a program to regurgitate internet sludge is pretty lame. Bullshit was the easiest thing to do in any of my college homework, and it’s 75 percent of the reason why I’m the writer that I am today (for better or for worse). I once BSed an entire research paper, got a D+ on it, and then got down to a C after my submission was the only one that prompted any discussion. Homi had to stop my presentation because people were so engrossed that there wasn’t enough time for the rest of the class.

This is one of my accomplishments in my time at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, next to writing a creative non-fiction essay/rant that the professor dubbed a progressive critique of the medium. So, yes, I think every student could use an introduction to chatterboxing as it is a real world skill.

But enough about that. Return to Dunn.

LSU releases statement about using AI for homework

Dunne’s 10-second reel was enough for LSU to issue a statement about AI (via advocate,

“At LSU, our professors and students are empowered to use technology to learn and pursue the highest standards of academic integrity. However, AI is used to produce work that a student can do on their own. Presents in a manner that may result in a charge of academic misconduct as set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.

Even though the school didn’t distinguish them by name, their timing was hardly a coincidence. With over 10 million followers between TikTok and Instagram, Dunne is likely the most popular athlete at LSU. Louisianans’ passion for gymnastics inspires hordes of fans and men’s obsession with blondes, (If you were looking for a dumb blonde joke, think again. It’s lazy and offensive – hence the correct use of ChatGPT.)

Of course, the university is going to shy away from anything that jeopardizes the eligibility of someone who makes them the bulk of the revenue, and Dunn basically mines the money for them. If college athletics weren’t a cesspool of unethical entanglements, an investigation would have already been opened.

Olivia Dunn

whoever saw John Oliver segment on AI knows how common technology is increasingly common among high school and college students, and Dunn’s post was a perfect example of doing exactly that. In my experience, teachers appreciate an honest crap over a dishonest honor roll student any day, and if Livi didn’t want to write her term paper, she could have at least paid (or just asked) for her To write it down like some idiots (not me) used to do later.

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