December 4, 2022

Lee Jihan K-Pop singer-actor died at 24 among scores killed in the Seoul Halloween stampede

Lee Jihan K-Pop singer-actor

Lee Jihan K-Pop singer-actor died at 24 in the Seoul Halloween stampede

Lee Jihan K-Pop singer-actor is verified to possess kicked the bucket within the crowd crush that passed throughout the Allhallows Eve celebration in Seoul, an Asian nation over the weekend.

His agency 935 diversions verified the unhappy news on Sunday, October 30, “ It’s true that Lee Islamic Group Han dynasty passed down because of the accident in Itaewon on Gregorian calendar month twenty-nine, ”

The representative of the agency continued “ we have a tendency to conjointly hoped that it had been true and that we were veritably afraid to listen to the news. ” Asking the public to admire the family’s sequestration during this amount of mourning, the agency superimposed “ The family is suffering huge grief at once, therefore we’re being veritably conservative. might he rest in peace?

” The news of Lee Jihan’s finish 1st reached the general public once many of his ‘ turn out one zero one ’ castmates, Park Heeseok, Jo Jinhyung, and Kim Dohyun, paid court on social media. They wrote on Instagram ”

“ Islamic Group Han dynasty has left this world and gone to a cushty place.we have a tendency to raise that you just recognize to him on his final path. ”

Lee Jihan 1st entered the limelight as a challenger on Mnet’s ‘ turn out one zero one ’ season a pair of in 2017.

He, first of all, auditioned on the show with a canopy of EXO’s “ o.d. ”Lee Jihan went on to create his debut as an associate degree actor on the online drama ‘ moment Was Another Nam Hyun Day ’ in 2019. He was twenty-four times old( by international reckoning) at the time of his finish.

His mortuary is going to become upon at the burial hall of Myongji Hospital, and therefore the burial is going to be a continued holy day of obligation. One of the 154 people killed in the stampede was Lee Jihan.

Thousands of individuals assembled within the slender thoroughfares of the quarter to celebrate Seoul Halloween Eve fests once the gang size came attractive, resulting in concern associate degreed an ultimate fatal crowd swell.

In the days following the catastrophe, thousands of missing person reports were submitted, and over eighty people had reportable blisters.

The Korean government has blazoned an amount of public mourning which will last till day. many K- pop releases and events are off or ordered over within the wake of the tragedy.

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