LeBron James is reportedly not recovered from his foot injury: No return date set yet

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LeBron James is reportedly not recovered from his foot injury

Contrary to what Lakers fans expected, LeBron James apparently hasn’t fully recovered from his foot injury and will be out for more than 3 weeks. When the team announced he would miss out on several weeks, it was initially thought he would only be out for that period of time but a new report contradicts this belief. During the Hoop Collective Podcast, Brian Windhorst offered a troubling update on LeBron James’ recovery process. The Lakers family will have to wait before they get to see LeBron James back inside the court.

In this report from the NBA insider, there wasn’t a clear time-table for LeBron JAmes’ return and he raised concerns over the state of his injury. In the past, James has been able to play through nasty injuries but this one is different. This is what Windhorst said: “LeBron is not close to returning, from what I am told. I know that everybody said the three weeks but I think it was very clear three weeks is when he’s going to get an official re-evaluation. It didn’t mean he’s coming back in three weeks. I know that LeBron has played through injuries in the past, I’m not 100 percent sure this is an injury you can play through.”

Can the Lakers keep winning without LeBron?

With a 34-36 record, the Lakers are currently the 9th seed in the West and they still have Playoff chances. Despite not having LeBron James playing for them, other stars inside the team have stepped up to fill the massive void he left. Anthony Davis has been delivering great performances but so have D’Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley, Austin Reaves, and Rui Hachimura. All of them have managed to put together a great collective that has won some highly important games. Whie LeBron James fully recovers, they will have to keep on trying to beat the opposition together. This Friday, they play the Dallas Mavericks at Crypto.com Arena.

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