December 4, 2022

Hurricane G, a new york rapper, passes away from lung cancer at age 52.

Hurricane G, a New York rapper famous for tracks like “El Barrio” and “Underground Lockdown,” has passed away after a lung cancer struggle.


Brooklyn rapper Gloria “Hurricane G” Rodriguez has died at age fifty-two.

The Puerto Rican MHz’s 1997 No. 1 single is best known for marking her demise.

Rodriguez initially gained fame in 1992 when she appeared on Redman’s “Tonight’s district attorney Night,” then teamed up with him once more 2 years shortly after “We Run N.Y.” from his Dare Iz a Darkside album.Recordings when she’d logged spots on songs by everybody from Xzibit to Funkdoobiest, Keith Murray, and Puff pappa.

She additionally became the primary feminine member of the geographic region hip-hop crew the Def Squad, including Sermon, Redman, Murray, and Jamal.

The famed underground hip-hop radio duo Stretch and Bobbito “liked a song that she did recognize as ‘MILKY,'” Sermon wrote in his ode to her, adding, “She is unintelligible all over the globe. I can’t believe this. Pray for the United States. lovely blessings. She was a pretty person an exquisite mother as real as they are available.”

At the time of publication, the cause of death was unknown; however, Lexus, a female daughter of Rodriguez, stated on Facebook that her mother had advanced cancer. “My ma has stage four carcinoma,” she wrote at the time.

“I don’t shrewdness several of you perceive what which means however even when thirty years of life I’m still making an attempt to method it myself. I actually have ne’er cried most in my life I actually have ne’er felt therefore disconnected from reality in my life. nevertheless, my ma still manages to be the one to carry it along and say “don’t worry baby everything’ gonna be alright”. crying at once, however, nowadays could be a blessing.”

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